The Hotel Wi-Fi connection in Tuscan Maremma

Free hotel Wi-Fi

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At this moment the service in the rooms is not guaranteed, we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

You will find Wi-Fi connection almost everywhere in the hotel grounds: in the lobby, in the park at the pool, but not in the rooms.
The Wi-Fi connection is free but not the fastest.

IWe are in the Maremma countryside, where unfortunately telephone services are not updated to modern infrastructures and for this reason our internet service is present but in a very basic version.

Our commitment is to continuously try and improve the connection so that you can choose between a hyper-connected holiday and the luxury of a digital-detox holiday, to fully live the travel experience and enjoy the marvels which Tuscan Maremma can provide, but at the moment a basic connection is what we can offer, of course for free.